Configure Eclipse CDT with symbol and include path resolution (Linux GCC toolchain)

After installing Eclipse CDT (Eclipse for C/C++ development) and G++ (GCC for C++) in my Linux Mint distro, I discovered that symbol and include path resolution for C++ couldn’t be done using the Linux GCC toolchain. Although the program was compiling perfectly, the Eclipse analyzer showed everything as missing in the GUI. It was pretty strange because I noticed that manually adding the symbols and include paths to the project (through the project settings) resolved the problem, but the default C++ project using Cross GCC toolchain didn’t need this to be okay.

After looking-at and trying every single-option in the Eclipse preferences, I came to the solution. I’d like to share it because I didn’t find much useful information using Google.

Go to Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> New C/C++ Project Wizard -> Makefile Project -> Discovery Options. In the Discovery profile scope dropdown menu select the option Per language. Select GNU C++ in Tools and check the option Automate discovery of paths and symbols.

Now, include paths and symbols are added as part of the CDT GCC built-in Compiler Settings, for the GNU C++ language.

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  1. 23 de Oct, 2013

    Bookmarked, happened to me on the early stages of setting up my development environment for Android (then we switched to IntelliJ and console-based compiling C++, so at last it was not needed). This could have helped me back then.

    By the way, I see that now you’re writing a post in English. What happened?
    (Not because it’s bad, but just because it’s a change)


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